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Are you aware of the Grease Trap Regulations?                                                                   

It is the responsibility of every food producing establishment to make sure of compliance to regulations. By law, Industrial / Commercial Kitchens should have a Grease/FOG Management System installed to protect drainage systems.

Brussels Legislation (EU Standards) BS Specifications EN1825-1:2004 & EN1825-2 The Water Industry Act, Part H Building Regulations & BS EN 1825-2: 2002, BS EN 1825-1 2014, EN 124:1994 & EN1253-4

Changing lifestyles and todays modern diet necessitates the protection of our environment by enforcement of imposed regulations. As a consequence this has introduced and highlighted the stresses and hazards on many food producing outlets and the organisations responsible for our waste disposal. Large corporate bodies are now in control of our waste management, a positive advantage if education and accessible information is actively encouraged and circulated to all sections of our community.

At Aluline Group we design, manufacture and install grease traps that offer natural eco-friendly bio technology solutions for at source removal of wet waste food, oil and grease that can accumulate within our drains, sewerage systems and treatment plants.

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