Exhibitors 2018


Stand 16


Since 1850 Molino Piantoni makes products for professional channels (baking, pizza and confectionery) and for the end user. It base the company on an absolute motto that is: to be a family business. In other words, the combination of familiarity and tradition within an efficient structure with innovative processes along with international level vision.

Molino Piantoni is located in Italy, in the heart of Lombardy, in a fertile area which has over 100 years of history in the art of milling. It is a company with an Italian heart, and since all raw material working stages take place in our mill, products are the essence of what is known as Made in Italy.

The company has reached a highly respected position within the international framework so that it now represents an important reference point for foreign markets. With decades of experience in very close contact with pizza makers from all over Italy, Molino Piantoni’s flour line has been approved by the Napolitan Veracious Pizza Association.

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