Exhibitors 2017


Stand 37A


Once upon a time (well, in January 2006 actually) budding entrepreneur Linda Lewis had a light bulb moment that would change her life forever. After years of working in the catering equipment industry she decided “I can do this myself!”, and so Linda Lewis Kitchens Ltd was born.

Ten years later and here we are: the sole importer of Cuppone pizza equipment to the UK! We have grown a lot and learnt a few valuable lessons along the way.

Recently we have really focussed on growing the Cuppone brand in the UK and have all become experts in pizza equipment. Our latest adventure includes introducing to the market our very own range of gas living flame and wood-fired ovens, lovingly developed over 10 years in Italy, these ovens truly live up to LLK’s dedication to supplying the very best of Italian pizza equipment. As a team, we have over 100 years of experience in the catering equipment industry (you do the math), so we are the perfect people to help you find the perfect pizza equipment for your business – if we do say so ourselves!

We supply many different types of catering equipment such as the world-renowned range of Cuppone pizza ovens, dough mixers & presses, as well as other exciting products such as Friulco’s fabulous dough preparation machines, plus a staggering range of related accessories and other catering products such as slicers and planetary mixers.

We specialise in the supply of top class catering equipment; the best of the best, and the jewel in our crown is the renowned Cuppone brand. We also import and supply a wide range of other products for food preparation, cooking equipment and fast food equipment from: FAC, Fimar, Elframo, Arris, and Universo.

Our products are supplied throughout the UK and Ireland via our network of wonderful dealers. We also work in partnership with PFR (Pro Food Service Reps), who operate as our very own sales reps using the US ‘Rep Group’ business model, which is proving very successful in spreading the word about LLK’s fabulous range of products for the catering industry.

Our customers are very important to us too, so we work hard to provide you with the best customer service, a great buying experience and a working relationship that stands the test of time.

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