Exhibitors 2017

Molini Spigadoro S.p.A.

Stand 28


Molini Spigadoro offers a wide range of common WHEAT FLOUR and SPECIAL PRODUCTS,  thanks to the continuous research and experimentation in the laboratory, influential collaborations, passion and entrepreneurial ability to merge quality, innovation and wholesomeness of the product. Each product has something more …More Health, More Fibre, More Color, More Fantasy, More Taste.

Molini Spigadoro is today a benchmark in the industry for innovation in production processes, the production of special flours of superior quality.

Thanks to a dynamic and consistent business development, inspired by the experimentation and the search for excellence, the company positions itself in the flour market with a wide range of products: from a classic line for baked goods, to those specific for the patisseries and pizzerias, up to the line of products with high nutritional value.

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