Exhibitors 2017

Cirrus Arrosticini

Stand 25E

At last a 300 year old Italian secret has been unveiled,

Arrosticini, a delicious lamb skewer, has been a staple food of shepherds in the mountainous region of Abruzzo since the early 1800’s

Today many locals in Abruzzo enjoy Arrosticini, commonly served in most Pizza Restaurants in the province

Circa 25,000,000 Arrosticini are sold in the region every year and has become a firm favourite of the local Abruzzese population

Technology has now been developed to enable the public in the UK to sample and enjoy the delights of this delicious mouth-watering skewer, manufactured, cooked and frozen in our factory in Abruzzo, our Arrosticini is shipped frozen ready to defrost and serve piping hot to your customers.

Experience Arrosticini for yourself at our stand 25E

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