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Ornua Ingredients UK is a centre of excellence for dairy ingredients, and a key supplier to the food manufacturing and food service sectors. 

Part of Ornua – previously The Irish Dairy Board – Ornua Ingredients builds on its parent company’s proud Irish dairy heritage to deliver added value through quality, service, technology and innovation, working closely with partners so they can excel within their competitive and fast-changing environments. 

This commitment to award-winning products, innovation, acute market insight and sustainable relationships, perfectly equips Ornua Ingredients to explore new markets. And, at the heart of this is a fully equipped €3million NPD kitchen and newly updated Pilot Plant, which allow products to go from knowledge to inspiration, and then from initial development to a full factory scale-up.

One perfect recent example is the development of the Palatina Taste Partners brand…a range of innovative Mozzarellas created to ensure price stability, minimum waste and maximum flavour.

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