Exhibitors 2017

Ornua Palatina Mozzarella

VIP Lounge


With cheese prices – especially Mozzarella – expected to remain volatile for some time to come, it’s vital that the dairy industry responds with products that help food manufacturers and the food service industry to minimise waste while also improving performance.

One perfect example is Ornua’s Palatina Taste Partners brand. This innovative new Mozzarella is a product of Ornua’s impressive NPD resource and has been created to ensure minimum waste and maximum flavour.

Ornua’s unique way of shredding Mozzarella has produced a cheese that’s really easy to handle, with no clumping or fines. It has excellent cook quality with no burning, outstanding stretch, generous appearance and a plentiful, even melt. 

It also has a distinctive, creamy flavour and stays softer for longer once melted, giving it excellent oven-to-plate consistency.

Palatina Mozzarella, Palatina Melt and Palatina Mozzarella & Cheddar – for pizzas, pastas, ready meals, toppings…and so much more.

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