Exhibitors 2017

Donna Italia

Stand 70B


Donna Italia -  Authentic Italian, Stone baked, Margherita pizza, cooked from frozen and ready to serve in 4 minutes.

Our contract free Stone Bake Oven, Cutter, Cutting Board and Timer is provided free of charge.

Our pizza is made from 100% natural ingredients, no additives, preservatives and no added sugar.

We provide 2 sizes, 9" and 12", using the highest quality ingredients : Italian flour, 100% Italian Mozzarella cheese, Polpa tomatoes and olive oil.

Key Benefits :

- No need to train specialist staff
- Ready to eat from frozen in 4 minutes (3 minutes if thawed)
- Consistency of product
- Minimal workspace 
- Plug and Play pizza oven provided
- Professional service and support

This innovative solution allows every sector in the food industry to serve authentic Italian Pizza.

Further information on products can be found at www.donna-italia.co.uk, or 0333 577 9333 and by emailing us at : info@donna-italia.co.uk

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