Exhibitors 2018

By Ichnos Limited

Stand 70A


With 30 years experience in catering equipment and shop fitting solutions, we strive to offer our clients a personalised quality service.

Although we specialise in equipment such as Pasta machines, gelato machines, pizza equipment, and most other catering equipment, our company also offers a complete shop fitting service.

From the initial design and advice, we can help your business to expand to its full potential, maximising your existing and new space thus making it elegant and practical.

We use standard and bespoke counters made in Italy and the UK to cover an ever growing demand for unique quality products.

Our commercial refrigeration systems are built, installed and maintained by our friendly and professional engineers.

Our extensive range of equipment includes cold rooms, refrigerated serve over and complete bar counters, pizza ovens and mixers, pasta machines, gelato machines and pasteurisers.

We also offer personalised training in the use of all our machines.

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