Exhibitors 2017

Molini Pizzuti

Stand 31 & 43B


Bonta` Italia presents Molini Pizzuti


Founded by Michele Pizzuti in 1953, Molini Pizzuti flours are produced in the industrial area of Bellizzi, in the heart of Italy’s Salerno area. Producing an astounding 500 tons of flour each day, the company is characterised by a sophisticated automation and control network.

Molini Pizzuti flours represent a commitment to quality and tradition, as well as an awareness of market challenges and trends. The company uses clean, sustainable energy throughout all production phases.

 Molini Pizzuti has an extensive range of flours suitable for many different products such as bread, pastries and pizza, and in recent years the company has gained a reputation for producing an excellent range of pizza flours suitable for any type of pizza.

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