Exhibitors 2017

Pastificio Liguori

Stand 31 & 43B


Pastificio Liguori’s story begins 200 years ago in the small Italian town of Gragnano near the Amalfi Coast. In Roman times, this is where wheat was milled. For this reason, the area surrounding Gragnano is known as the Valley of the Flour Mills. It was here, in 1795, where Don Gaetano Liguori started producing dry pasta. In 1820, his descendant Vincenzo Liguori went one step further, establishing a pasta company named Liguori Pastificio.

 Liguori continues to follow ancient culinary traditions, making sure to select the best durum wheat from fields in the regions of Apulia, Basilicata and Molise, the final result of which is high protein content pasta (14% minimum). Today, Liguori produces several types of long and short pasta.

In 2003, Liguori was the first factory to obtain the IGP certification (Protected Geographical Indication), which guarantees product traceability and quality. 

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