Exhibitors 2017

Nu Food

Stand 3


Dovetailed (the company behind NuFood) is an award-winning design studio and innovation lab based in Cambridge, UK. We create intuitive and meaningful user experiences across mobile, web and physical products. Our core skills are in user experience design (UX), user research, software development and strategic projects where we build product roadmaps with clients. We've helped build numerous eLearning, eCommerce and interactive content sites for our clients, which are now in active use.

The nūfood kitchen robot creates personalised 3D flavour bursts to accompany any meal or drink based on consumer preferences.  All made possible by 3D printing patented technology, deliciously rich flavours, and intuitive smartphone design application.  Customise the flavour, shape, colour and texture of the flavour bursts with nūfood based on individual tastes.

Explore. Create. Taste.

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