Exhibitors 2017

Seeds of Italy Ltd

Stand 24


The Seeds of Italy Pizza Trike is unique and means you can take your brand to the streets. The trike is the best selling in the world from Mexico and the oven is made using Italian materials in Italy and not inferior materials assembled elsewhere. The oven weighs only 55kg but you can take the heat bricks out (20kg) and it only weighs 35kg then! But it cooks an authentic tasting pizza and using wood will reach 450c. The oven floor is 60x60 which will fit two pizze but the footprint of the oven is 70x70, unlike a cast oven the same size inside which can weigh over 150kg and have a much larger footprint.

We generally sell them either to customers who run events, do shows, festivals, markets and outside catering, but also to pubs or restaurants that want to take their brand to the people with great street food. And you don’t have to fork out for a whole pizzeria to have your own pizza business with a Seeds of Italy pizza trike, remembering of course that you can cook other foods – enchilada’s, roasts, stews, breads etc.

The oven can be removed from the cart and the carts can be custom fitted with a sink, lights, whatever you want. The ovens are professional quality and made in Tuscany by artisans.

Please contact us for more information at www.tuscanpizzaovens.co.uk or by phone at Seeds of Italy on 0208 427 5020

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