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From humble beginnings over 15 years ago, Logs Direct has grown from a small firewood supplier to an experienced, specialist supplier of superior wood, firelighters and charcoal to the Wood Fired Oven and Restaurant Industry and now proud sponsors of the coveted Woody awards scheme, promoting fantastic wood fired eateries across the UK.

As a Winter Fuel supplier they are now  one of the largest in the country with a product range which includes Kiln-dried and Seasoned logs, Restaurant Charcoal, Wood wool firelighters with no chemical aroma, Smokeless fuel, Kindling, Wood briquettes and pellets.

Piccante Pizza Logs

Perfectly designed in Italy, Piccante Pizza logs are additive free without noxious chemicals and HACCP certified; being entirely ecological they are ideal for wood fired ovens and pizza baking.

Ground with fine particles of compressed beech producing a dense product that burns hot and consistent every time and prevents singeing of pizza bases.

This 8 sided briquette increases surface area, reducing contact with the oven floor therefore increasing air flow for great combustion and even better burn.

The low moisture content @7% is always consistent so guaranteeing an optimum high calorific and stable burn.

Wood Fired Oven Logs

Logs Direct kiln dried Alder logs are the perfect fuel for wood fired and pizza ovens.

Many chefs have been amazed by the difference our wood can make to their cooking process.

Our Alder logs with their low moisture contents let them control and maintain the heat in their oven with more precision, making it easier to cook perfect pizza, time after time.

Due to the  kiln drying process, there is no spitting or smoking and the benefit of far fewer logs being needed too.

We have lots of happy chefs across the country!

Restaurant Firelighters

Eco Wood Wool firelighters are a natural product made from sustainably sourced wood and perfect for cooking in wood fired ovens.

With no chemicals or accelerants and completely non-toxic, they won’t taint food with chemicals or unpleasant odours.

Extremely effective and only 1 needed to light wood briquettes or large firewood logs.

Each firelighter with burn for approx. 10 minutes.







Logs Direct Ltd, Brooklands Farm, Addington Rd, Halton, Lancaster, Lancs LA2 6PG

01524 812476


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