Exhibitors 2018


Stand 13C


Visit our stand 13C at the European Pizza and Pasta Show and check our induction heated pizza delivery. This cordless system which is now used by all the major Pizza Delivery chains, has proved its reliability and effectiveness since its introduction into the market in 1999, and 11 years on it is still the world leader.
Over the years the product has continued to improve as advances in technology have continued ensuring this product is still the leader in its field, removing all cold deliveries saving the operator money and enhancing the eating experience for the customer.
"No one orders a cold pizza, so why would you deliver one"
Developed in 1999, Cooktek launched the world renowned Induction Pizza Heated Delivery Bag, now used by the major pizza delivery chains around the world.
Cooktek have now taken this technology to yet a new level, introducing two heated food bag delivery systems. These new systems, primarily using induction technology have also introduced a further level of technology, this being RFID. The RFID technology, when coupled with induction technology allows far greater control of temperatures, so allowing Cooktek to reach the higher temperatures that are required in the larger volumes of a heated food delivery bag.
In developing Cooktek's new cordless, Thermacube, heated food delivery bag, the engineers's paid particular attention to humidity, whilst still retaining the heat - enabling the new Thermacube heated food delivery bags to deliver difficult food items such as burger and chips, and fish and chips in good condition.

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