Exhibitors 2018

Victor Pizza Limited

Stand 31A


The Victor Pizza Company is a medium sized- family run, innovative food processing company which manufactures pizza and pizza bases, situated in Glasgow, Scotland. At Victor Pizza, successful partnerships are at the core of our business. For each of the companies we have partnered with, our management team work exceptionally close with them, creating the best products- to the highest standards. We produce first-class pizzas for a few key players in the foodservice market. Our products include, but are not limited to; Pizza bases, Topped pizzas, Pizzas in retail packaging, Novelty shaped pizzas, Gluten-free pizzas, & Chip shop pizzas. One customer we work especially close with is Eat balanced.

Eat balanced believe in making it easier and enjoyable for kids to eat a balanced meal when eating out. Our first brand is Pizza Power Kids - a range of tasty pizzas that are actually good for kids, and available at an affordable cost to schools and made available at family restaurants and sports venues. Our innovative kid's pizzas have been designed with a Professor of Nutrition, to be high in fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals and low in salt, fat and sugar using all natural and clever ingredients. We're the first pizza brand to replace salt with seaweed and blend extra vegetables through the sauce. Our moto is Health by Stealth and we're helping caterers sell more of the healthy option.

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