Exhibitors 2019


Stand 53


GourmEat has been established in 2015 with the intention of exporting the concept of quality pizza making, with its own produce, all over the world.

Gourmeat, has a 21-year-old experienced team in the Italian premium restaurant and pizza making industries.

The company mission is that of exporting all over the word the concept of Neapolitan pizza without the necessary help of qualified personnel.

The “Pizza Gourmeat” format has been tailored to meet the needs of large catering groups, hotel chains, and resorts, where pizzerias are not available. This format will allow the implementation of pizzerias in an international food service framework.

In only 9 square metres, GourmEat can indeed create an original Italian pizzeria with the highest quality standards, low investment and high profit.

In order to guarantee the quality and success of this format, GourmEat produces highly hydrated leavened pizza doughs and mozzarella, tomatoes and extra-virgin olive oil, all of which are exclusively made in Italy.

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