Exhibitors 2018


Stand 27B


The Smart Concept made in France is being exported!

The automated distributors developed by API Tech are growing consistently in France. These machines are respectful of the artisan’s product and still appeal to people. Encouraged by this success, the Managing Director of API Tech, Frédéric Deprun will extend the concept internationally with other products.

In August 2018, API Tech has opened a trade office in London. Its offer is focused on the Julia Smart Pizza that is an automatic distributor where 96 pre-cooked pizzas can be stocked. Two integrated ovens finish the baking when the clients order a pizza.

Operators side, the machine can be managed remotely with the AT Web app: stock managing, temperature of oven and cold box controlled, setting up of information related to pizzas’ description, allergens, pics and price.

Reliability and connectivity.

With the company's in-house engineering department, API Tech manufactures its distributors from A to Z. Whether at a technical level or a practical level, the engineers and technicians, experts in industrial mechanics and IT, work all together for a successful work. With a machine well made, API Tech continues to expand.

Created in 2004, API Tech is specialised in electrics, automated machines, industrial IT and development of special machines. Since 2016, API Tech has turned to “Food Tech” and has developed the Smart Pizza and Smart Baguettes.

The company is based in Pompey, France. The overall turnover for the year 2017 is 1M€ and is expecting 3M€ for the year 2018.

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