Exhibitors 2018

Bongiovanni Srl

Stand BT12


Bongiovanni Srl is a company built around niche markets with a high added-value: flours (over 90 types), cereals, legumes, rice, seeds, breakfast foods, spices and sweeteners. We work in the grinding industry from over 100 years offering articles both conventional and organic, gluten-free and free from animal products, therefore suitable for different kinds of diets (zone, vegetarian/vegan, protein-based, etc…). The flour products are uniquely made on volcanic stone mills, while the raw materials are mainly Italian. The conservation of the products takes place in internal cold rooms thanks to which we can avoid the use of chemical treatments. We have a shop with more than 5000 articles that, besides food products, includes also kitchen tools and books.

You can find all our products even in our online shop www.tibiona.it

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