Exhibitors 2018

KREA Pizza Equipment

Stand 66A


KREA Swiss develops and manufactures innovative professional food preparation equipment for the pizza, bakery and restaurants industries. Our products help standardise processes and minimise labour.  

The saucePRO is probably the most innovation pizza product in the last 10 years.  

This  table top pizza sauce dispenser provides portion control and quality & labour saving benefits.  Simply push the button for one of 4 sized pizza and the exact amount of preprogrammed sauce is evenly applied in around a second.  It removes the portion, time and quality issues related to training someone to do manual saucing.

Our range of easy to clean handheld food sprayers are essential tools for chefs, bakers and food industry specialists- Apply egg wash, glazes, oils, chocolate or just about any other viscous food material.

To ensure quality and reliability, KREA Swiss still produces in Switzerland, leveraging technology to keep prices affordable. 


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