Exhibitors 2018

PEPPADEW International (Pty) Ltd.

Stand BT8


Peppadew International (Pty) Ltd was formed in South Africa to develop the start-up potential that was evident in the uniqueness of the Piquanté Pepper. Brand passion, innovative product development, the now signature style of the PEPPADEW® brand as well as production expertise has evolved the business from a cottage industry to an international brand. Regular upgrades at the processing plant has supported business growth and features world-class packing machinery and enlarged deseeding halls that provide workers with enclosed and spacious working conditions.

Discerning palates around the world, from South Africa, to the US and the UK, mainland Europe and as far away as Australia and Korea, savour the PEPPADEW® range of products.

Our vision is to continue to create opportunities and prosperity for all involved in this uniquely South African success story. Our zealous quality focus combined with innovative consumer marketing campaigns, have established the brand locally and internationally.

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