Exhibitors 2018

Pastificio Lucio Garofalo

Stand 14B


PASTA GAROFALO is unique because it makes pasta as it should be done.

Pasta cuts are not all the same and Garofalo knows that well; each cut has its specific texture, its specific colour, its specific porosity and therefore, its specific treatment during production.

Every pasta cut made by Garofalo always starts from the best possible raw material. Only robust durum wheat semolina is used in Garofalo’s Signature wheat pasta, which is high in protein making it ideal for double cooking.

The history of Garofalo is strongly linked with the history of Gragnano, the town near Naples chosen as the home land of pasta thanks to its geographical position. in 1789 the name Garofalo first appeared when it obtained the license for the production and sales of high quality pasta. Over 200 years later Garofalo premium quality pasta is still made in the town of Gragnano.


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