Exhibitors 2018


Stand 18


exodraft is a Danish owned company that for over 60 years, has developed, manufactured and sold chimney fans to control chimney draught, with sales in more than 40 countries and the best product range on the market.

In many pizzerias, the pizza oven and stoves are situated in the same kitchen. In these cases, high-capacity extractor hoods for the stoves can interfere with the natural draught in the chimney of the pizza oven and cause smoke to be drawn out into the kitchen. The result? A kitchen full of smoke and bad odour.

Pizza Chimney fan type RSHT from exodraft is the ideal pizza oven fan. It is designed to handle very high flue gas temperatures and guarantees a controllable negative pressure throughout the chimney’s flue run, preventing smoke spillage into kitchen, improving combustion and fuel economy.

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