Exhibitors 2018


Stand 67


Since 1950 FLOURS, mixes and ingredients for PIZZA (18 pizza flours), BREAD, PASTRY, FRESH PASTA, BATTER, GLUTEN FREE and ORGANIC

IAQUONE R&D project “PIQuDi”, Italian Pizza Quality and Digestibility, keeps developing flours and procedure for Italian Pizza of any kind (Verace Napoli, Taglio alla Romana, PINSA, Pizza Romana, stone baked, organic, 5 cereals, in pan…) with enhanced Taste, Digestibility, Lightness with particular attention to production standardization thanks to IAQUONE  Italian quality department featuring  popular Italian Pizza Chefs  like, Angelo Iezzi, Maurizio Leone and others and associations like API www.AssociazionePizzerieItaliane.it with its 11 Pizza Schools, AVPN Naples courses.

IAQUONE Mill is ”AA” grade BRC certified, located between Rome and Naples complete of laboratories of analysis, pizza laboratory, modern industrial mill, stone mill and dedicated training premises.

90 distributors in Italy and 40 abroad, customers among best historical Pizzerias in Naples in Rome as well as in many other regions throughout all Italy.

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