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Product Range:
Carnevale are manufacturers of mozzarella, ricotta and specialist Italian cheeses, meat products and fresh pasta. We are also importers of the complete range of chilled, ambient and frozen, (predominantly) Italian foods, beverages and provisions. These include cheeses, meat products, pasta, oils, biscuits, flours, sauces, condiments, olives, coffee, vegetables, wine, spirits and other beverages.

Carnevale was founded by two brothers, Carmine and Giovanni Carnevale, in central London in 1966. It has grown from a small scale local producer of fresh mozzarella, to a national supplier, and mass-producer of various forms of mozzarella, ricotta, pasta and fresh Italian sausages. Carnevale remains a family-run business and throughout the years has added to its manufactured lines by importing continuously more from Italy. Its current portfolio of products boast over 3,000 lines which are distributed all over the country by Carnevale’s own fleet of vehicles, which set off daily from one of their six depots. In the past 15 years Carnevale has acquired other food companies (namely Pronto Provisions, J&G Italian Foods and Valerios Olimpia) and works in partnership with Belloni, www.delicatezza.co.uk and Pasta & Pasta.

Carnevale House, 107, Blundell Street, Kings Cross, London, N7 9BN.
We also have depots in Bristol, Bedford, Huddersfield, Gateshead and Glasgow.

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