Exhibitors 2019


Stand 14


Ebike4Delivery is a Dutch company specialized in electric mobility for delivery services. With more than 20 years of experience in developing and selling E-bikes, we know exactly what delivery services are looking for in a delivery bike. We continually update our products using the latest trends and newest technologies.

That’s why we’ve developed the third generation DeliverEbike. With this new generation DeliverEbike, we’ve solved the known “flaws” of the earlier generations, making this the ultimate solution for your delivery services. It’s stronger and built to handle heavy-duty deliveries on a daily basis.

Ebike4Delivery offers a total package carefree delivery service consisting of several options to best fit your needs. Because of our superior products and services, we became very popular not only with many fast-food chains, but also other branches like postal-companies and hotels. We are the largest delivery bike distributor in Europe, with distribution in 15 countries worldwide.

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