Exhibitors 2019

Delivita ltd

Stand 27


FOOD AND FAMILY are at the heart of life for Joe Formisano, founder of DeliVita. Inspired by his Italian heritage and a love of cooking, Joe was spurred to create a wood-fired oven. He had experienced the frustration of using inefficient brick ovens that took several hours to heat up.

At only 30kg these ovens are portable and designed to withstand the UK climate; their sleek looks are suited to the most bespoke designer outdoor kitchen, whilst for fans of “glamping”, stylishly replacing the traditional barbeque. It takes only 25 minutes to reach a temperature of 450 °C and can reach up to 600 °C. It can cook the perfect wood-fired pizza in just 90 seconds but is also suitable for roasting, baking and smoking, making it a favourite among professional chefs. It has even inspired its own recipe book: Fired Up – Wood Oven Cooking, which features dishes such as Chateaubriand and smoked slow-cooked salmon.

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