Exhibitors 2019

Compagnia Alimentare Italiana Spa

Stand 37A
Product Sponsor OLIVE OIL


Compagnia Alimentare Italiana is probably world’s most innovative company in the olive oil and the entire edible oil field.
We are a dynamic industrial organization, which is both flexible and reliable, and capable of fully meeting its customers’ needs by remaining faithful to the motto "big enough to serve, small enough to care."
Our invention process is unstoppable, continuous, relentless. Our desire for anticipating consumers’ needs, for their health or simply for their pleasure, is juts never appeased.
We have antennas all over the world. We look and listen what all generations in every nation communicate and we try hard to interpreter them to create the product that respond to their desire or that fits their diet needs.

Our spirit was always driven to avoid competition and rather creating new markets segments with products that did not exist before: we produce spray oils 100% natural, without gas propellant or additives.

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