Exhibitors 2019

Società Agricola Monte Monaco Srl

Stand 10


From the heart of the sibillini Mountains , a land of longevity and cradle of the “Mediterranean Diet”, Monte Monaco pasta 100% organic legume flour is born.
Chickpeas, lentils, broad beans and peas, cultivated simple and traditional methods on biological lands between the sources of the Aso and Tenna rivers, grow in an uncontaminated environment.
The grain, naturally gluten free, rich in proteins and fibers and with a lower intake of carbohydrates, is skilfully ground to stone and, mixed with water, becomes the ideal dough for the production of Monte Monaco pasta 100% organic legume flour.
The adoption of sustainable cultivation methods and low environmental impact together with the high altitude and the pristine environment of the Sibilla Mountains, guarantee the production of legumes of excellent quality, whose transformation takes place following the ancient local traditions without intervention of chemical agents.

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