Exhibitors 2019

Latteria di Soligo

Stand 30B
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Latteria Soligo | Wellbeing since 1883

Among the enchanting Venetian hills, recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Latteria Soligo was born in 1883.

A story that continues today: Latteria Soligo is a cooperative of milk producers members, where cows enjoy comfortable spaces and a balanced diet, producing superior quality milk. Its collection and transformation is governed by the members to maintain the peculiarities of a dairy tradition that made products able to respond to the needs and desires of today's consumers who are looking for authenticity, goodness and well-being. In fact, our products don’t contain preservatives or additives, the ingredients are only milk, salt, and rennet, nothing else. In the range you will find many TSG (Traditional Specialty Guaranteed) and DPO (Denomination of Protected Origin) recognitions and, moreover, an Organic line and a Lactose-Free one.

We entered the homes of Italian families through a traditional process, guaranteeing food security, circular economy processes and a social presence in the territory.

An ethics increasingly appreciated even outside our country.

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