Exhibitors 2019

Dolce Delia

Stand 28


From the lesson imparted by the Arabs in the Middle Age to the creativity of the Jewish in the early XIX sec, the Sicilian have crafted their own peculiar tradition in the art of patisserie and matter of fact inventing the concept of street-food.
A story that continues today: Dolce Delia is a family run business, where old recipes and ancient moves are at the core of the daily production of delicious snacks and sweets. Superior quality ingredients, mostly sourced from Sicily itself, care of details, focus on the hygiene and attention for health and environment are the mantra for the small but passionate team at Dolce Delia that strives to make products able to respond to the needs and desires of today's consumers looking for authenticity, goodness and well-being. Our products don’t contain preservatives or additives and we have also introduced a gluten-free and a vegan line.
We proud ourselves to enter both Italian and British households presenting a traditional product, assuring a genuine
-- food chain and the highest possible level of sustainability.


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