Industry-leading mixing equipment, services and consultancy for patisseries, pizzerias, bakeries…

Drawing on years of experience in the sector, we study the latest developments and trends in the food and catering industries, analysing and interpreting them to develop new levels of innovation and provide our clients with commercial equipment and services of the highest quality.

With this commitment in mind, we offer complete solutions for a range of catering and food-industry settings, with equipment and associated support and services for patisseries, pizzerias, bakeries and other businesses in the sector. We are particularly renowned for the quality of our high-performance mixers and our comprehensive range of professional bread and pizza dough equipment.

Equipment and training for patisseries, pizzerias, bakeries and restaurants

AV Baking’s core business is the production and distribution of industry-leading equipment for patisseries, pizzerias, bakeries, restaurants, and other operators in the catering and hospitality industry and commercial bread making in general. We manufacture our own equipment, but we also carry a range of products from other, select brands, with a full suite of services including sales, delivery, installation and ongoing assistance with our products, as well as training and consultancy where requested.

It is this ability to offer a complete service that sets AV Baking apart from other operators. Businesses across the food industry know they can turn to us for their equipment needs and any other requirements they might have. We are always on hand to assist our clients, working with them step-by-step and, in some cases, even developing and delivering basic and specialist training packages.

Consultancy on dough types and dough-processing facilities

We can provide a full consultancy service to help food and bakery businesses develop the perfect dough for their specific needs. We can also offer guidance on the set-up of new premises or production facilities, from the selection and installation of new equipment to the design of bakery and catering workspaces.

We also provide consultancy services to larger-scale producers of bread and pizza products with industrial and semi-industrial facilities, an area in which we have been able to accumulate extensive and valuable experience under the AV Baking brand,



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