An outstanding Italian product, 100% Neapolitan
The cultivation of the “piennolo” takes place only on the Vesuvius seaward sloped

The Ferrara farm, in 2014 began to grow tomatoes of “Piennolo Vesuvius d.o.p. It is due to Ferrara’s deep connection and love for jos land that he has devoted  his energies to the production of a single tomato of its kind,  and for organoleptic and morphological characteristics, considered the King of the tomatoes” Piennolo Vesuvius “, a tomato secularly linked to the Vesuvius area.

The cultivation of the “piennolo” Agricola Ferrara takes place only on the Vesuvius  seaward sloped areas, thus better illuminated by the sun and caressed every evening by the sea breeze of the Gulf of Naples that give our products that unique and unimitable flavor.

The company produces the highest quality products, 100% Italian from the seed to the container. All stages of production are carried out by experienced farmers and followed by highly qualified agronomists from the historical faculty of agriculture of the University Federico II of Naples. And it is with these  years of experience and knowledge of the volcanic soils of Mount Vesuvius, unique lands for multiple micro-climatic factors and fertility, that make  our products unique and unimitable in the world for taste and quality, an outstanding Italian product ,100% Neapolitan.


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