Fire & Ice Ltd

Fire & Ice are proud to be the UK partner and distributor for PizzaMaster Ovens. Operating from our new Offices and Warehouse in Stratford upon Avon, we have a Demonstration and Development Kitchen, large Showroom, the ability to design and install as required and have a stock of equipment for delivery throughout the UK. We work with some of the best known restaurant and hotel groups in the UK as well as independent operators who want to have the right equipment. In addition to PizzaMaster we represent Brice Ice machines, Musso Gelato/Ice Cream machines, Mychef combination ovens, Helia smokers and Powerflame oriental cooking equipment. We pride ourselves in working closely with both our customers and our suppliers and are equally proud of our association with Agugiaro & Figna Molini SPA, the producers of  Le 5 Stagioni flour, widely recognised as the best flour in the world for Pizzas. Together we produce fantastic results and we would welcome the opportunity to explain our range further to you and let you taste the results.

Fire & Ice’s sole reason for existence is to find innovative, great and reliable catering equipment manufacturers from around the world and to bring them to the UK to offer to caterers in all markets of the UK Foodservice Industry.

Fire & Ice are caterers at heart, we think that’s important as fundamentally our products are used by caterers and chefs, so we need to understand them before we can fully understand our machines. When we recommend and source a piece of equipment, we make sure we know how it works, how to get the best from it and the features and benefits which are important and relevant to the chefs that are going to use them.

Fire & Ice understand the issues of weekend breakdowns and the ensuing hassle that it causes for you the caterer and therefore we operate a service back up that is organised around your business, and we also hold spares and equipment in our store in the UK.

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