Mulino Caputo

Art of baking

Our 25kg packs, dedicated to professionals and Master Millers, guarantee high performances as well as the best quality results in each type of production, from bread to pizza, from dessert to dough.
Authority, spontaneity and tradition.
The flour art of Caputo is born from these three values. Thanks to the experience developed over three generations as Master Neapolitan Millers we guarantee extremely high standards of quality so that the expert restaurateurs and ... artisans could express their creativity in the best possible way.
The Method of Caputo
We have always select and mixed the best wheat in the tradition of the ancient art of milling, following a slow grinding process. This Method permit us to obtain high quality flours preserving the starch, the organoleptic properties and, most of all, the authenticity of the flavour.
Caputo Field
Mulino Caputo also adheres to the first soft wheat supply chain in Italy with the Grano Nostrum project - a common thread directly linking the Mill of Naples to the expertise of agronomist companies such as Green Farm in Grottaminarda, near Avellino, and the work of many farms.
Caputo 1924, The Mill of Naples
Since 1924, we have ground wheat with generosity and passion so as offer professionals and baking connoisseurs the very best in quality flour, produced with great respect for the raw ingredients and traditions.

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