Quantum Technical Services

Quantum Technical Services manufacturers high speed, automated target sauce applicators, waterfall and target topping applicators, granular applicators, and slicer-applicators. Primarily used in the pizza industry, our topping equipment can be used to apply sauce, cheese, IQF ingredients, streusel, crumb, dry ingredients, and many other ingredients. Quantum has supplied production equipment to small wholesalers and the largest pizza producers in the market since 1991. We offer standard production systems and have an excellent engineering team capable of custom designing equipment for any production requirements.

QUANTUM PRODUCT INFORMATION Featuring high speed, non-contact application, Quantum Target Sauce Applicators are capable of applying a consistent pattern of sauce leaving the border-free. With Quantum’s technology, you will receive high quality and extremely accurate weight control. Quantum Target and Waterfall Applicators are available with weighing capabilities to control hopper levels, feed rates, and portion control. Quantum Meat slicer/applicators are servo-driven and available in many configurations to suite any production need. Stainless steel construction, wash down capabilities, and an easily accessible, open, sanitary design are incorporated into every Quantum machine.

Website http://www.q-t-s.com

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