SALTWELL – Salt Sponsor of EPPS 2021 Cooking Stage

A unique combination of sodium and potassium

SALTWELL in a wide range of packs and grades to meet your needs whether you are a restaurant, school or hospital cafeteria or other catering operation we have the solution for you.

Unlike regular salt, SALTWELL naturally contains 30 % potassium. It’s a vital nutrient that helps regulate the fluid and acid-base balance in your body. The more sodium you ingest, the more potassium is needed to maintain good health.

High sodium consumption contributes to high blood pressure which increases the risks of heart disease and stroke. The WHO member states have agreed to reduce the global population’s intake of salt by a relative 30 % by 2025. As almost 80 % comes from processed foods, this is a pressing issue for the entire food industry.

Using an authentic sea salt method, the water is evaporated in open ponds under the strong rays of the blazing sun. During the process, a natural chemical reaction takes place to unite the potassium with the sodium. Finally, a unique salt grain emerges containing 35 % less sodium than regular salt.

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