SALTWELL – Salt Reduction Sponsor Of EPPS 2021 Cooking Stage

Smooth salty profile with 35% less sodium

SALTWELL is a natural sea salt that contains 35% less sodium. It comes in a wide range of packs and grades to meet your needs to reduce sodium.

Whether you are a food manufacturer, retailer, restaurant, school or
hospital cafeteria SALTWELL is the all-natural and clean label salt
reduction solution for you.

The BRC certified sodium reduction solutions, developed, and produced by
the Saltwell company are used all around the world. Saltwell is dedicated to
developing and providing all-natural sodium reduction; and together with
local market partners they work closely to ensure optimal function,
reduction and sensory results are achieved.

High salt and sodium consumption causes high blood pressure, leading to
heart diseases and strokes. The UK, EU and WHO member states have all
agreed to significantly reduce population intake of salt and sodium by
2025. As almost 80 % of our sodium intake comes from processed foods,
this is a pressing issue for the entire food industry.
SALTWELL helps food manufacturers, food service providers and food
retailers achieve salt targets and reduce sodium whilst keeping optimal taste
and function too.

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