Say goodbye to grubby, tatty, sticky, greasy menus with SuperTuffMenus®! Our menus are not your conventional, laminated menus. They are so durable that they can be washed every day in hot, soapy water. Dunk them in the sink, spray them down with sanitiser or even pop them through your glasswasher. SuperTuffMenus® are completely waterproof, wipe clean and spill proof! No water absorption, no peeling, no fraying, no dog ears. We guarantee that these will stand up to wine, beer, hot tea and coffee, fizzy drinks, ketchup, mayo and even blood, sweat and tears..

Wrapped in our special, synthetic matte coating, SuperTuffMenus® have a luxurious feel and will ensure that you never hand over a grubby menu again, showing your brand at its best every day. Our menus last x10 longer than conventional menus.

See for yourself!

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