The world’s hottest POS system helping more than 25,000 restaurants worldwide to boost profits and grow.

Pizza restaurants have their own unique needs, of course. Pizza has to be hot, fresh, and ready lightning quick, meaning organisation and a strong battle plan are key.

Iiko was built with pizza places in mind, and can break orders up by station, telling which link in the chain and what part of the pizza they need to be working on.

Iiko has a specialised interface – it can switch between a quick-and-easy delivery interface and the normal restaurant interface at the click of a button. The delivery interface is more streamlined and customised to your business's delivery menu.

Having a restaurant with delivery provides an additional challenge – one that iiko is happy to do the heavy lifting for.

Restaurant operators are taking control. They’re tuning out legacy technologies that are lacking in multiple areas and limit success to state-of-the-art systems designed to meet their needs now and into the future.

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iiko is a next-generation integrated software platform that is having a profound impact – improving productivity, increasing speed and precision of processes and providing the necessary scalability.

Experience your world as you’ve never seen it before. Run your entire business with one unified business management suite.

iiko is making it possible to speed-up order placement and service delivery, build profitable labour schedules, track consumption and make better purchasing choices, increase kitchen management efficiency, generate all types of actionable insights, and more.

iiko is easy to deploy and use. Ideal for single and multi-store businesses. 100% cloud platform.

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