EPPS 2019 - What’s On

Seminar sessions from industry experts


Pizza and pasta chefs, food industry professionals and NPDs are welcome!


Industry legends like Ian Neill of Hash Hache, Kiril Vyrypaev of Dodo Pizza, Philip Quinn of Papa John’s, Andrew McLeod founder of Emilia’s Crafted Pasta, Giuseppe Cutraro of Big Mamma Group will join the EPPS industry conversation on stage. Innovation and economics are the beating heart of our programme.


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Pizza and Pasta Workshops hosted by celebrity chefs




*NEW* Cooking masterclass with two of the world's best chefs, Antonio Sorrentino and Davide Civitiello

The European Pizza and Pasta Show will finally host a Live Cooking Academy on the 15th of November with two of the most talked about Neapolitan chefs Antonio Sorrentino and Davide Civitiello. Dedicated to enriching our knowledge of true Neapolitan cooking techniques, this first live academy will become a constant feature of the show, presenting national and regional pizza and pasta recipes from all over Italy and Europe.


Antonio Sorrentino has been developing new recipes and implementing traditional italian cooking at Rossopomodoro for over 27 years.


At the age of 9, Davide Civitiello started working in the pizzeria "Da Gennaro" of Vincenzo Costa, who took him under his wing and taught him all the secrets of the trade.

At 18 he left the pizzeria that had now become like a second family, to begin his path of professional and personal growth, which led him to meet Rossopomodoro.


In a historical moment in which pizza was seen as an inviolable taboo, something to keep as close as possible to tradition, Rossopomodoro experimented with completely new recipes and mixtures, placing itself in a highly innovative way within this world.



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