Marco Fuso EPPS2019 Marco Fuso

Pizza Canotto –  Making Dough With Biga 100%
Exclusive Master Class
I was born in Lecce, Italy into a baker’s family. From the age of 10, I would help at my grandfather’s bakery to
prepare the dough, bake, and, my favourite part, to taste fresh bread and pizza! I am still as passionate about baking and fascinated with it as back then.
After moving to London 10 years ago, I have been working as a pizza chef/consultant. I also founded my Pizzeria Consultancy Company, Marco Fuso Pizza Consultancy Ltd, aimed to help new and existing business to develop their dough recipes and provide staff training.Apart from that, I won various pizza competitions and made pizza all over the world: in Las Vegas USA, South America, Brazil, Australia, Tunisia, and in the North African Continent. I have experimented with a variety of doughs and techniques, trying to achieve the best possible result, but the Neapolitan style remains the best for me!

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