Three generations, 80 years of history, the art of flour ingrained in our DNA. Molino Pasini is a flour milling company specializing in producing top-quality soft wheat flours, expressly made for end users and producers working for the food industry. The company perfect represents the Italian art of expertise, so widely appreciated abroad and much celebrated in Italy.

Raw materials have always been our main focus: the wheat kernels used are carefully selected all over the world. Once delivered to the company, they are analyzed and identified by our efficient, modern in-house research and development laboratory, where quality checks are performed. The new flour milling system, a state-of-the-art, fully-automated design, processes homogenous wheat blends, from which constantly high quality flours are extracted.

Bread making, fresh pasta, pizza and baked confectionery are the sectors with specialized product lines. The company can also customize any type of flour, to meet specific requirements or needs.

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